My friend sent me this article (and she knows how much I hate Frozen) and it was blown up all over my Yahoo too. So apparently this girl is getting fame because she looks like Elsa. People are even having petitions for her to be on OUAT as the role for Elsa,they are also suggesting she play as Elsa for some Broadway show they are having.

You know they had absolutely no topic to discuss about on Yahoo news. I know a girl who legit looks like Pocahontas. You don’t see her having a full blown article over about it.And then people wonder why I hate this movie, yall hype it up so much, like it’s not that necessary! The movie wasn’t even all that to get the amount of praise it does. This movie is the definition of overrated. Like I even try to ignore this movie and its hype, but somehow it always ends up being shoved down my throat.